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We look at Workplace Optimization from several dimensions – first off is the ability to understand how workspaces are optimized. Large corporate entities across all industries typically exceed multimillion dollars in real estate costs annually.

The fundamental question though is “do we have the right amount of space in the right locations.” This is a problem that has historically been answered anecdotally without any way to collect real statistics. As such, the accuracy has been suspect at best and dubious at worst. This need to solve this problem has only been magnified by trends such as an increase in working remotely, an increase in virtual teams and the rise of millennials in the workspace.

With our technology and our Workplace Optimization Solution, not only can facilities and real estate departments see historical space usage, they have ‘big data’ analytics that can be drilled down on, and acted upon. Along with this, tactical decisions around deployment of conference rooms and collaborative spaces can be made based on facts. There is a very strong ROI for this solution.  See More

Secondly, one of the largest expenditures in companies with multiple large locations is for Heating and Air Conditioning (HVAC). Often, areas are too cold or too hot – which is often an effect of lack of efficiency, and most often these HVAC solutions are in need of maintenance, set incorrectly or aren’t optimized. By putting our low cost sensors at various locations within a building or campus, and integrating to our cloud solutions, you can clearly see temperature, historically by day part and location, to easily spot when HVAC solutions need repairs or better placement.

Lastly, within our Workplace Optimization solutions, we have Mustering solutions. In emergency situations, the number one priority is to keep your workforce and visitors safe and make sure that everyone is accounted for. With our Workplace Mustering solution, you are able to set up temporary or permanent mustering locations so that when your company is faced with an emergency situation, you will know if everyone is accounted for, and if not, you will be able to see where the last place that unaccounted employees and visitors were seen.

All of these solutions utilize the same architecture of Blufi Gateways, BEEKs Bluetooth beacons or badges and Bluvision’s Bluzone cloud.

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