Massively scalable IoT solutions for global businesses

A world leader in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) systems, Bluvision has assisted Global Corporations in a wide variety of industries for Indoor Location Services and Condition Monitoring solutions.

Bluvision solutions can determine how to more efficiently utilize your business real estate.

Bluvision offers solutions to keep your employees safe from hazards in the workplace.

Bluvision gives you enormous flexibility to track a wide range of assets in real-time.

Solutions for remotely monitoring equipment and predicting failures before they occur.

Make sure your employees are 100% safe and accounted for in emergency situations.

Keep close tabs on work-in-progress throughout complex manufacturing processes.

Bluvision’s solutions can help your guests get where they’re going without getting lost.

Why Is Bluvision The Leader?


Our end-to-end solution was designed from the outset to handle problems on a global scale. Our solutions can handle millions of events across millions of devices on a daily basis.

End-to-end platform

We are a complete IoT solutions provider.
with a platform that spans BLE sensor beacons to connectivity gateways to our Bluzone Cloud that enable remote fleet management, workflow and event management, and API Integration.


Our solution is fast and easy to implement. Further, the same infrastructure supports multiple use cases from asset tracking to mustering to condition monitoring all in one system.

Visibility To Actionable Data

We provide data visibility for millions of events and allow for the remote management of this data.

You are also able to act on the available information in real-time through user-defined policies.

Our Products

BluFi Gateways

Sensor Beacons

Bluzone SaaS