Tracking winds with Bluvision beacons

Bluvision beacons track winds from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is the first major hurricane to make landfall in South Florida since hurricane Wilma in 2005. A Category 4 when it hit the Keys in Florida, over 400 miles wide with sustained winds of over 152 miles per hour, Irma caused widespread and catastrophic damage in parts of the northeastern Caribbean and Florida

Beacon security

Enterprise Beacon Security & Eddystone-EID:  Table Stakes in IoT

Beacon usage continues to grow across retail and enterprise use cases from proximity marketing and micro-location services to RTLS-based way-finding, asset tracking and workforce optimization. However, one of the primary concerns of IoT and the beacon ecosystem is how to handle security at scale in these enterprise scenarios. Security can be split into two categories.

5 tips for airports to guarantee passenger satisfaction this holiday season

The days before Christmas eve (December 23rd) and New Years eve (December 30th) have been predicted to be the busiest travel days this year. Long distance travel is said to increase by 23 percent compared to the rest of the year. Add to this, snowstorms, extra cold weather and additional security measures, managing airport operations and

5 Reasons why Eddystone will revolutionize mobile and IOT

Bluvision is very bullish on the potential of the Internet of Things, proximity technology, BLE, sensors and beacons.  This “proximity-aware ecosystem” within IOT isn’t only about beacons however; it’s about creating real value-driven solutions.  The market demands these solutions be “simple, but powerful.”   This is exactly what Eddystone is designed to do and why Bluvision has chosen

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