Asset Tracking

Track just about anything anywhere across your enterprise in real-time

Large scale real-time asset tracking

Infusion pumps, spare turbine motor parts, expensive computer equipment and MRO supplies. Understanding where these assets are and minimizing shrink are primary goals of all inventory analysts, regardless of whether the environment is a healthcare facility, a manufacturing location, or a manufacturing warehouse.

With Bluvision’s asset tracking solutions, you have a lot of flexibility on what, where and how to track. You can set up policies to specifically track items into and out of an inventory location, track assets in real time to within one meter accuracy or anything in between.

And with our lightweight hardware infrastructure, there is unlimited flexibility in how and where you deploy, and redeploy, the solution. Unlike traditional RFID solutions, which generally only work when an RFID tag is very near a gateway, and requires a lot of capital infrastructure, Bluvision archicture provides high accuracy with a flexible architecture and fast implementation.

Applicable Verticals

Workplace Environments