WIP Tracking / Workcell Tracking

Track work-in-progress through the most complicated manufacturing processes

WIP tracking / workcell tracking for complex processes

In a complex manufacturing environment, it is critical to know where the work-in-process (WIP) is, how fast it is moving through the assembly process if there are any holdups (queues), and ultimately the inventory location of the finished goods.

The Bluvision WIP Tracking solution enables you to define specific geofences around workcells, areas of an assembly line or inventory location, and can track materials into and out of those locations, without having to install expensive readers, antennas, or other wired infrastructure. Instead, we let you define tracking locations that map to your operation and facilities, and not the other way around. All of these solutions utilize the same architecture of Blufi Gateways, BEEKs Bluetooth beacons or badges, and Bluvision’s Bluzone cloud.

Applicable Verticals

Workplace Environments