Why Bluvision?

End-to-end platform

Bluvision is a complete IoT ecosystem provider. We are the market leaders in hardware. Our sensors/beacons have sophisticated authentication and encryption capabilities, and supports multiple standards including Eddystone and iBeacon protocols. We have pioneered beacon to cloud connectivity without the need for a smartphone application through BluFis (our BLE to Wi-Fi connecting gateways.) However, what sets us apart is our cloud solution – Bluzone, that empowers enterprises to aggregate, and make sense of, large amounts of sensor data to help make decisions and gain insights: into real time location of assets; into employee efficiency; into customer behavior.
Bluzone allows for scalable worldwide beacon deployment, fleet, workflow and event management. The combination of our sensor beacons, BluFis and Bluzone solutions, make Bluvision the leader in enterprise IoT solutions.



The Bluvision IoT ecosystem was designed from the outset to handle problems on a global scale. From security to throughput to storage to 24/7 support, we were built for the enterprise. Unlike other solutions that are primarily focused on small-scale implementations (like most retail proximity marketing solutions focused on individual stores or a handful of storefronts), we are focused on deploying hundreds-of-thousands of sensors capable of handling millions of events on a daily basis, globally. All this, while addressing the security concerns of Fortune 100 companies.  The combination of BluFis and Bluzone, make it possible to manage and monitor networks of tens of thousands of BLE sensor enabled (beacons) assets.


Simplicity of architecture

A distinct advantage of using our platform is that single architecture allows for asset tracking, indoor location, proximity marketing and analytics. In terms of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), our platform is a low-cost solution that is hardware agnostic and fast to implement. Our sensor beacons can be easily affixed to any surface. Our connectivity gateways, BluFis, eliminate the need for wired access points, or smartphone apps and can be managed from the cloud to listen to beacons and other BLE devices. This capability enables true remote monitoring and allows for scalability with limited infrastructure set-up. In comparison with other digital technologies like RFID that require expensive readers and only work in certain environments, BLE has the right combination for enterprise asset tracking with low cost, long range, and high penetration. Bluvision’s architecture doesn’t need wired solutions, is not capital intensive and essentially all that needs to be done is to stick, connect and manage.


Visibility to actionable data

When it comes to enterprise or retail IoT, the effectiveness of a solution depends on – the extent of data visibility, its interpretation and eventually the prioritization of this information. Our sophisticated, yet simple cloud solution helps businesses aggregate data from millions of activities, gives you the ability to manage the data remotely and most importantly allows you to act on this information by letting you create user-defined policies to handle both workflow and fleet management.

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