Behavioral Analytics and Proximity Solutions

Retail has been one of the early adopters of proximity marketing solutions. There are a number of vendors who offer hyperlocal marketing solutions, however, the true value of IoT for retail isn’t just in providing hyperlocal offers, but in helping retailers understand deep insights of their shoppers, including things like dwell times at endcaps and POPs, shopper path tracking, and people counting. Retailers have no means to directly attribute traffic or conversions to walk-ins and promotions. Our retail solution consists of two parts – a sophisticated CMS solution that allows retailers the ability to design, deliver and manage content in one place, and our analytics capabilities that provides visibility into key retail analytics.

Bluzone CMS solution

Our CMS solution lets you create, design and manage hierarchical campaigns so you can target multiple customer segments at the same time. Our cloud-based CMS was built for scalability allowing the remote management of beacons worldwide. Further, you can manage all your beacon content in one place, trigger mobile notifications, web views, external links, videos, offers, and custom templates based on the mobile devices’ proximity to beacons. Our proximity marketing solution supports Eddystone, iBeacon and sBeacon simultaneously so you can reach a larger audience at the same time. It also allows you to quickly setup and deploy thousands of beacons across multiple native applications, locations, and campaigns

Bluzone Retail Traffic Analytics

In times when attribution and marketing ROI are grey areas for retailers, our traffic analytics solution provides a reliable measure for the performance of campaigns and promotions. With heat maps and dwell times to help you understand the effectiveness of end-cap and other promotions. The ability to attribute traffic to conversions with people counting and path analytics*.

* The data is anonymous so you are not infringing upon your consumers’ privacy. Our analytics does not store PII.

It allows you insight into – bounced traffic, repeat visitors, unique and first time visitors, and

Dwell times: Understanding dwell-time of shoppers gives insight into engagement rates – window shoppers, conversions, time spent on displays, end-cap promotions, PoP, etc. and the overall effectiveness of the store’s merchandizing tactics. The historical data could be used for predictive analysis to plan campaigns, promotions and displays. The knowledge of real-time location can be used to optimize experience in the store and outside by providing directional assistance within the store and by sending relevant information and tips.

Path Analytics: Understanding the hot zones and where shoppers spend the most time can help with reallocation of resources and planogram effectiveness.  

Insight and data into where your shoppers are in real-time, what their shopping patterns are and how long they spend with you can be an invaluable source for Clienteling.  The above two features can also be used to understand real-time employee location and path history, along with the ability to match employee location and skill with shopper needs.



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