In the healthcare field, success requires optimum equipment utilization and staff efficiency while also ensuring the best possible experience for patients and their families. Bluvision is unique in that we provide solutions for these use cases as well as solutions for Safety and Security, Refrigeration and Equipment Condition Monitoring. We provide these solutions using a single scalable, open and easy-to-deploy architecture so that you can address your specific Need now, and easily bring additional functionality online to address future wants and needs on your specific timeline and budget.

Asset Management

With our Asset Management capabilities, you can ensure that you are maximizing the efficiency of high dollar equipment such as Infusion Pumps while knowing exactly where they are.

Workplace Optimization

Our Workplace Optimization capabilities ensure that you have the right balance of staff (including doctors, nurses, technicians and support staff), while keeping the staff safe at all times.


Lastly, our Wayfinding capabilities ensure that incoming patients and their families know exactly how to get to their destination while improving the check-in process.


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