Condition Monitoring

Detect problems with mission-critical equipment before a breakdown occurs

Avoid costly failures with condition monitoring

In most manufacturing environments, few, if any pieces of rotating equipment (motors, drives, gearboxes, etc) are being monitored for predictive maintenance. The few pieces of equipment that are being monitored typically are the most expensive assets in a plant and are rarely the only assets that can cause a line to shut down.
The reasons that more assets aren’t being monitored is simple – using legacy technology, it has been prohibitive to monitor all these.

With Bluvision Condition Monitoring (CM), this changes dramatically. Bluvision Condition Monitoring is a low-cost, wireless, remote condition-monitoring solution that provides vibration and temperature data in real-time. Data is collected and sent through our Beeks CM beacon to the Bluzone cloud where it is analyzed. Our cloud-based AI learns the unique baseline vibration behavior for each asset on which the beacon is installed, and generate alerts when this vibration behavior changes significantly, which can often time be indicative of a change in asset health state. Feedback is provided to the user to enable proactive maintenance, inspections, and operations decisions. See More

In non-manufacturing locations, there are typically many other types of capital equipment – elevators, escalators, HVAC equipment, etc that are managed by 3rd parties under service level agreements (SLAs) which dictate how quickly service calls must be performed and what is the permissible level of downtime (which is very small…think of having elevators being down for an extended period of time). Our Condition Monitoring solutions can easily help in monitoring when something needs attention, what the true level of downtime is and whether SLAs are being met.

For cold-chain environments, we also have Condition Monitoring solutions as well. As we continue to place a greater emphasis on food and pharmaceutical safety, and food quality, we need to ensure that consistent temperature in the transportation and displaying of these perishable goods. In certain cases this cold-chain monitoring is even mandated Legislation including the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA) requires shippers, loaders, carriers and receivers engaged in the transportation of food are required to maintain proper refrigeration to ensure food safety and prevent contamination. Bluvision’s Cold Chain Temperature monitoring is a fast to implement, low-cost solution that allows enterprises to track and ensure accurate temperature tracking of perishable food, beverages and pharmaceuticals with minimal infrastructure requirements.

Finally, we also have solutions to collect and analyze food and beverage coolers / vending machines for the capture of real-time data including cooler temperature, cooler motor health, door openings, etc. This data helps ensure that you aren’t rolling a maintenance truck when you don’t need to and also making sure that your coolers are running optimally, and are maximizing revenue.

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