Leading Bluetooth Ecosystem Is Among The First To Fully Support Eddystone, An Open Beacon Format From Google

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla – July 14, 2015 — Bluvision (www.bluvision) announces it has deployed its full IoT ecosystem, including beacons, wifi gateways, sdk’s and cloud-based management solutions, to support the release of Eddystone.

Bluvision has worked with Google to provide beacons, develop testing tools and help validate Eddystone. This effort culminated in the deployment of several hundred Bluvision beacons with support for Eddystone, on passenger boarding platforms across all of Portland’s TriMet Stations. The solution provides real-time transit information automatically and seamlessly, including schedules and alerts to riders’ smart phones.

“We are excited by the possibilities Eddystone enables,” says James Buchheim, CEO of Bluvision. “The ability to provide valuable interaction and content is a key to realizing the true potential of the Internet of Things. Supporting Google in testing Eddystone and in deployments like the TriMet Rail solution was a fantastic experience. This deployment is just one example of how Eddystone will deliver rich experiences to smart phone users.”

Bluvision’s BluZone ecosystem and framework is fully optimized to support Eddystone. Bluvision Beacons and sensors can now dynamically change and push notifications or contextual messages from the cloud direct to mobile with or without an open mobile app.

Bluvision is one of the first Bluetooth® beacon solutions provider to upgrade its entire suite of beacon solutions to support Eddystone, including its beacons portfolio, SDK tools and its cloud ecosystem, BluZone. BluZone now has built-in support for provisioning, managing, monitoring and interacting with Eddystone beacons through its customer management system, analytics, and APIs.

Bluvision MarketingBluvision Optimizes Leading Beacon Ecosystem To Support Eddystone™, Accessing the Physical Web to Personalize The Mobile User Experience