Bluzone Architecture

Cloud-based open architecture for custom integration

Fleet Management

Bluzone is the only cloud solution that enables fleet management in large scale environments. Enterprises that are deploying thousands of beacons and/or tracking thousands of assets face two essential challenges: 1. They require the capabilities to monitor not just the asset, but the beacon itself. Is the beacon operating; what is the battery level; is the beacon where it should be 2. Once the beacon is deployed in the field, they still need to be able to easily update capabilities and firmware. Bluzone ensures that these challenges are easy to overcome.

Workflow Management

Now that you have access into that level of granularity of data, what do you do with it? This is an important distinguishing factor of Bluzone. As Bluzone allows you to set user-defined policies and receive alerts when these policies are breached or reached. This allows you to stream workflows and prioritize events that need immediate attention, like reducing lost capacity or acting on an asset that has changed location (when it wasn’t supposed to.)

Event Management

Bluzone provides actionable data on assets and the events associated with assets like – condition, location, telemetry data, queue counting, people counting, etc. All of this, in real-time so you are able to act on this information right away reducing lost capacity, optimizing workforce and workflow, or enriching customer experience depending on the scenario.

Applicable Solutions

Asset Tracking
Workplace Optimization
Workplace safety
Condition Monitoring
Workcell Tracking