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‘Innovation’ is a culture at Bluvision

Our story

As a technology company, we believe in continuously redefining the norm – be it as the first to support Eddystone and iBeacon simultaneously, the first to provide a WiFi to BLE gateway and the first to provide our customers with a cloud solution. We also believe in taking complete advantage of technology to solve real business cases for our clients. Whether it is scalability (fleet management of millions of beacons, worldwide), simplicity of architecture (low cost of TCO), or time to deploy (within a matter of days), we build our products and solutions, keeping our customers’ needs in mind.


Our customers, like us, are companies that look for not just tactical and cost effective solutions, but also demand innovation. In our quest to provide superior technological products, we are disruptive with our solutions as can be seen with our extensive portfolio of patents that continues to grow everyday. Like the breakthrough in BLE for Indoor Location solution with Time of Flight(ToF), like enabling remote fleet, workflow and event management with WiFi to BLE gateways, or like the next generation in BluFi with the 2.0; our story of innovation is being written without an end.

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