About Us

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About Us

As the leaders in BLE-based IoT solutions, Bluvision continues to innovate our Location Services and Condition Monitoring solutions. Innovation and scalability drive both our technology roadmaps and our day-to-day operations. Our list of “Industry Firsts” is long and continues to grow daily. A few of these firsts are below.

  • First beacon company to launch as cloud-based beacon fleet management capability.
  • First beacon company to support Eddystone and iBeacon frames in the same beacon.
  • First company to launch a BLE beacon badge with a battery life of greater than 1-year. Ours have 2-year plus battery life.
  • First company to launch a tamper-proof BLE beacon.
  • First company to launch a BLE- Wifi Gateway.
  • First company to launch a BLE-based RTLS solution with a sub 2 meter in real-time solution.
  • First company to launch a BLE-based condition monitoring solution.

Now as part of HID Global and Assa Abloy, our lists of “First’s” continue to grow at an even faster pace, and deploy our solutions into the Access Control, Personal Identify, RFiD and Hospitality industries.

  • First solution that supports both Building Access Control technologies and Location Services technologies in the same badge.
  • First device to support both NFC and BLE technologies in the same device.
  • First company to develop a wireless, low-cost “Panic-button” solution for the hospitality industry in the same device.

But this innovation does no good if our solutions aren’t scalable and solving real-world problems that have tangible value.

Bluvision strives to do both every day.

Our Leadership

Jimmy Buchheim
Chairman & CEO

Jimmy has built several disruptive technology companies in his career. He’s passionate about Bluetooth 4.0 technology and directs Bluvision’s overall product direction, leveraging over 15 years’ experience inventing consumer and enterprise electronics for leaders such as Motorola, Alpine Electronics, Audiovox, SirusXM, Ford, Microsoft, and Sony. Jimmy’s attitude is yes, it can be done, and it will be done.

Matthew Johnson

Matt has over 16 years consulting and technology experience in mobile content management, and digital strategy that includes founding Mobile Solutions Group at Vibes and leading technology on largest global account at Razorfish. An expert in responsive design, campaign management, web architectures and managing development teams, Matt is responsible for leading Bluvision’s development teams.

John Sailer

John’s background is in launching new ventures, growing organizations and leading early stage companies into the mainstream. A sales and marketing leader, with experience in selling disruptive products and building high-performance, revenue-focused teams. John is responsible for the revenue operations at Bluvision. His previous experience includes leadership roles at i2 Technologies, Motorola, GERS Retail Systems and Internet Broadcasting.

Senior Management

Robert Kowalik
VP, Sales

Robert is a Product Business leader in Emerging Technology markets with over 22 years’ experience leading sales for early stage and technology pioneer companies. He specializes in offering enterprise solutions for manufacturing and supply chain applications worldwide with emphasis on active and passive RFID systems. His previous experience include – Precyse Technologies, Ubisense, AeroScout, and PinPoint.

Frank Chu
Head of Manufacturing & Production

Frank leads Bluvision’s Manufacturing Operations, both working with our current factories to ensure a seamless supply of high-quality hardware, as well as sourcing new component suppliers. As a Mechanical Engineer, Frank is responsible for Bluvision’s industrial and mechanical designs and tooling. He’s also our liaison for any manufacturing or sourcing needs in China and the Far East.