Transportation & Logistics

Most available solutions for Transportation and Logistics require significant infrastructure investment, aren’t scalable or come with a high total cost (TCO). Bluvision’s Industry 4.0 solutions requires minimal hardware, great location accuracy, is easy and quick to install and has a low cost of ownership. 

Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Maintaining adequate temperature during the transportation of perishable goods is becoming a serious concern among shippers and enterprises dealing with pharmaceutical, refrigerated and frozen products. The US Food and Drug Administration issued a final rule under the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) and Sanitary Food Transportation Act (SFTA) to help prevent food contamination during transportation. According to the rule, shippers, loaders, carriers and receivers engaged in transportation of food are required to maintain proper refrigeration to ensure food safety and prevent contamination.

Bluvision’s Cold Chain Temperature monitoring is a fast to implement, low cost solution that allows enterprises to adhere to this FDA regulation with minimal infrastructure requirements. Bluvision’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons have embedded sensors to measure temperature, ambient light, accelerometer and other telemetry data. Bluvision’s temperature solution for cold chain provides both real-time and recorded insights into the temperature conditions of their shipment. The temperature sensors provide an accuracy of 0.2°C and can operate in the range of -30°C to +70°C. The temperature data can be accessed through the app or through Bluvision’s cloud solution – Bluzone. Being integrated with the cloud also allows the solution to provide remote-beacon fleet management, making this an easily scalable solution. The ambient light sensor and accelerometer in the beacons also track how many times the shipping container/ULD was opened and whether the container is in transit or is stationary. Real time visibility allows users to create alerts when there is a variation in the temperature conditions and recorded insights allows for predictive analysis, thereby reducing the instances of food contamination through the journey from farm to fork.


Smart Coolers

Bluvision’s Smart Cooler solution is a remote, real-time solution that provides significant data about and around commercial/operational coolers, refrigerators and vending machines. The solution comprises of BLE beacons with sensors that are placed in the units and are connected to Bluzone, our cloud solution, via a SDK on an app or through a Bluetooth to WiFi gateway, BluFi. The real advantage to using the Bluvision’s Smart Cooler solution is in its ease of installation. The ‘stick and go; installation requires the beacons to be stuck to a flat surface on the cooler, refrigerator or vending machine and the BluFi gateways can be plugged in to an A/C outlet. The same hardware infrastructure of the sensor beacons and BluFis can be used for:

  1. Asset Control – Alerts when the cooler is moved from its location, predictive analysis allows for scheduled maintenance thereby reducing downtime and enabling timely restocking
  2. Technical Diagnostics – Monitors motor & compressor health, and provides recorded and real-time temperature conditions
  3. Sales performance – Provides the ability to measure footfalls, dwell time analytics around cooler and restocking from tracking traffic to cooler and door opens
  4. Consumer Engagement – Engages consumers with POS campaigns using Bluvision’s CMS and beacons that reaches multiple users – both android and iOS simultaneously

Further, the solution also supports coolers, refrigerators and vending machines that are being refurbished or new ones that are going into the field. The data and insights can be accessed either through a mobile app accessed by the field personnel, or through our cloud solution, Bluzone.

Queue Counting/People Counting

Shorter journeys from terminal entrance to the boarding gate mean more non-aeronautical revenue for airports. Our Indoor Location solution can track dwell and wait times at various areas including TSA/Security, and Check-in, and Transportation Pick-up to optimize flows and speed passengers on their way.

Workplace Optimization and Equipment Tracking

Our Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) solution is capable of providing the precise location of assets at any given instance with minimal hardware required. Airports and airlines can track in real-time the location of wheelchairs, baggage trolleys, duty-free carts, fuel trucks, and employees, as well as high-value repair items and equipment within hangers. This visibility and history of movement of assets enables airports to monitor and optimize workflows, and operations.

Condition Monitoring:

Our solution makes it possible to predict downtime by allowing airports to monitor the operation and health of conveyors, people movers, escalators, elevators etc. By consistently monitoring the condition of the motors in real-time, airports can identify when a motor is about to fail. Our solution checks for inconsistencies in the telemetry data including temperature and vibration, and alerts appropriate resources. Predictive analysis based on the condition trends can help airports with SLA management and auditing. This solution is equipment agnostic and can work with any type of motor.  Airports can also use condition monitoring to track, monitor and regulate temperature throughout the airport to achieve HVAC optimization.

Passenger Tracking/Blue Dot

Missing & delayed passengers are a huge problem area as airlines have very little visibility on the location of the passengers until they show up at the gate. Our Passenger Tracking/Blue Dot solution lets you know the precise location of the passenger within the airport to better understand deep path analytics* of passengers and optimize layout and staffing decisions. This solution allows the airlines to better serve their passengers and also make decisions on when to close individual flights and when to wait for passengers.


The solution can also be used by airports to enrich traveler experience by providing app-enabled directional guides that help the traveler navigate through the airport.

*No PII is being stored

Proximity Solutions

Our proximity marketing solutions can help airports generate non-aeronautical revenue by designing, delivering, and managing promotional content within highly targeted micro-location experiences. The proximity marketing solution can be offered to retailers within the airport who can target passengers based on proximity and purchase history, thereby narrowing the odds of increasing their sale. Our CMS allows the creation of hierarchical campaigns capable of hyper-local content delivery. Airports can use the solution to generate more analytics on consumer behavior through shopper habits like preferences, frequency of shopping and dwell times. Better understanding of these analytics also enables the airports to generate more ad revenue.

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