Physical Web – Eddystone & iBeacon Support

‘BEEKS Beacons support both iBeacon and Eddystone’

Bluvision Announces BEEKS Integration and Support for Eddystone™ Accessing the Physical Web To Personalize The User Experience.

We are pleased to be one of the first iBeacon certified Beacons, and we will continue to fully invest and support iBeacon. Now, BEEKS Beacons / Sensors support can co-exist both with Eddystone and with iBeacon.

Integration with Eddystone enables Beacons to quickly deploy real-word context to users without the need for a mobile app. This support optimizes the user experience. The user experience is optimized by enabling location-based discovery for iOS and Android devices, connecting with nearby beacons to access information based on user settings. Our CMS cloud solution also supports Eddystone. We can dynamically change and push notification or contextual messages from the cloud.

Eddystone support includes the Bluvision BEEKS beacons portfolio, SDK tools and BluZone cloud ecosystem. BluZone now has built-in support for provisioning, managing, monitoring and interacting with Eddystone beacons through its customer management system, analytics, API and beacon management modules.

Bluvision, with support for Eddystone, continues to drive deeper BLE integration to enable the IOT, enables users to engage with real-time notifications based on location and preferences – even when the app is simply running in the background.
Bluvision’s Bluzone cloud beacon management and beacon provisioning platforms for iBeacon protocols, with content management system (CMS) now fully supports Eddystone, making it easy to link beacons to URLs and quickly deploy real-word context to customers without mobile apps.

BEEKS beacons now include full support for all three of the new Eddystone advertisement formats. Interleaving between iBeacon and Eddystone is now simple. Your beacons can broadcast Eddystone UID, URL and TLM along with sBeacon and iBeacon.

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