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Asset Tracking for Location, Health & Performance

Asset Tracking: Location

Whether you want to keep track of a large number of assets spread over a large area or a few high-value assets within a specific area, asset location is all about accuracy and the amount of data you can gather. Our end-to-end solution provides both – real-time visibility and actionable data on equipment, people and processes.

Having your assets and employees at the right place at the right time is invaluable to production and workforce management. Our breakthrough in RTLS (Real-Time Locating Systems) lets you know where your assets (equipment or people) are, at any given instance, regardless of whether in a single location or multiple locations. This sophisticated technology not only tracks in real-time but also with great accuracy – within one-meter, and in and out of user-defined geo-fences, leveraging a simple, cost-effective architecture. Path history, heat maps, and predictive analysis can be used to track history of movement, thus bringing significant insights into your environment, whether it’s a complex manufacturing environment, an airport, or a large-scale retail environment.


Asset Tracking: Health

Motors and motorized devices fail. The question is – do you know when it is about to fail and what preemptive measures to take, to minimize downtime?

Fortunately, it is possible to determine the health and predict failure of motors, generators and motorized equipment, or other equipment by monitoring their operations and telemetry data. We collect the telemetry data and using our advanced Condition Monitoring algorithms, are able to filter out non-vital data to accurately portray trend-line information, predict failure and provide alerts so that remedial actions can be scheduled before an equipment is about to stop functioning, thereby reducing downtime and avoiding lost capacity. Maintenance and replacements can be scheduled based on trendline and predictive analysis. The key to effective monitoring is not just collecting relevant data in real-time, but allowing you to act on this data immediately.


Asset Tracking: Performance

Optimal asset performance is often the difference between profits & losses and success & failure. Whether the assets are vending machines, pallets of expensive repair parts, a promotional endcap within a retail store or employees within your workforce. In all these situations, Bluvision is able to capture millions of events around these assets, and make this information available in meaningful formats through our Bluzone Cloud solutions.

Armed with this information, you are able to understand the environment and performance of these assets, enabling you to both – reduce costs by reducing inefficiencies and increase revenue by taking advantage of opportunities.

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