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Bluvision Partners with Siemens to Deliver One of The First Industry 4.0 Condition Monitoring Solutions to A Global CPG Brand

Fort Lauderdale, November 27, 2017 – Bluvision, a part of HID Global (, the leading provider of autonomous condition monitoring, and real-time location solutions, in partnership with Siemens, have delivered one of the first IoT-based condition monitoring solutions to a global CPG brand. The overall solution encompasses Bluvision’s condition monitoring capabilities powered by artificial intelligence, integrated into the Siemens cloud-based, open IoT platform – MindSphere, which enables global scale, speed of implementation, and easy integration into other products within the Siemens ecosystem.

In the CPG company’s facilities, Bluvision’s BEEKs™ Industrial sensors provide real-time visibility into the condition of critical motors that run various operations of the facility. The facilities receive continuous streams of telemetry data on these mission critical motors, and also get notified with real-time alerts when an anomaly from the known-normal operating state is detected. Along with enabling predictive maintenance and reducing downtime through a low-cost, minimal infrastructure solution, the application also provides the customer with a holistic solution.

“The notion of Industrial IoT driving value to companies on a global level has long been the promise of Industry 4.0,” said John Sailer, COO, Bluvision. “Bluvision and Siemens bring together a very compelling mix of value, implementation speed and global-scale condition monitoring solution to enable global companies to achieve the promise of Industry 4.0.”

Bluvision will demonstrate the Autonomous Condition Monitoring Solution at SPS IPC Drives 2017 at Hall 11 – MindSphere Lounge and Hall 6 – 256 (Nov 28 – Nov 30), and AWS Re:Invent at MFG Aclove, The Venetian (Nov 27 – Dec 1.)

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About Bluvision

Bluvision’s end-to-end IoT platform which consists of sensor beacons, Bluetooth to WiFi gateways (BluFis) and the Bluzone cloud solution, is built to scale to millions of connected units (or objects) and manage and monitor networks of tens of thousands of assets. Bluvision’s real-time location system is used for tracking assets with industry-leading accuracy with features, including heat maps, geofences and flexible policy creation. Bluvision uses machine learning, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and telemetry data to determine equipment health and enable proactive maintenance actions. (


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Editor BluvisionBluvision Partners with Siemens to Deliver One of The First Industry 4.0 Condition Monitoring Solutions to A Global CPG Brand
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Bluvision beacons track winds from Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is the first major hurricane to make landfall in South Florida since hurricane Wilma in 2005. A Category 4 when it hit the Keys in Florida, over 400 miles wide with sustained winds of over 152 miles per hour, Irma caused widespread and catastrophic damage in parts of the northeastern Caribbean and Florida Keys. While Florida escaped being in the path of the eye of the storm, it was still reported to have gotten peak gusts at 72mph and sustained winds at 53mph. At the Bluvision headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, while we boarded up the office and hunkered down in our homes with flashlights, we put our trusted beacons to work on the office glass windows. The idea was to see the effect of vibration on the glass windows and also monitor HVAC so we get real-time alerts on power outages.

We placed a beacon each on the conference room windows facing the four directions– North, East, South, West. The Bluvision team kept checking the status of the beacons in Bluzone, our cloud solution.

BEEKs placed on Bluvision Office windows







Bluvision BEEKs beacons with embedded sensors

Bluvision beacons have embedded sensors for temperature (-30°C to +77°C range), motion (3-axis accelerometer), ambient light, magnetic current, and others.












Irma passed through Fort Lauderdale sometime after noon on Sunday September 10, 2017. As you can see form the hi-speed Z-axis vibration that the highest peak of vibration occurred at 2 PM shortly after which there was a power outage for 3 days as can be seen with the dip and inactivity in the metric. What can also be noted is that the winds were coming South-West so the East window experienced the most vibration.

Highest winds recorded on Bluvision Office windows during Irma


Tracking power outage at Bluvision office during Irma


We are lucky Irma passed through without causing much damage to us at Fort Lauderdale. We are also glad we were able to monitor the office status remotely using our beacons and didn’t have to sit through the sweltering heat at 107.6°F.

Go here for more information on Bluvision Beacons, BEEKs Industrial

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Subhashree SukhuBluvision beacons track winds from Hurricane Irma
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