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Bluvision emphasizes the importance of monitoring temperature of perishable items during power outages

Bluvision beacon with temperature, light and vibration sensors provides telemetry data for Cold chain

Bluvision’s beacons have embedded sensors that provide real-time and recorded temperature log of perishable items during power outages.

Fort Lauderdale, September 20, 2017 – In the event of a prolonged power outage as is the case from hurricane Irma and Harvey, the need to monitor the temperature of perishable items such as – pharmaceutical products, food, and cold storage, is imperative in order to safeguard the health and effectiveness of these items. Monitoring the temperature of these items in real-time and at all times ensures the safety regulations put forth by FDA [Food and Drug Administration] and CDC [Center for Disease Control and Prevention.] Bluvision’s Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution provides industries affected by sudden power outages the ability to monitor and log temperatures during and after power outages, to ensure correct temperatures are being maintained and the perishable products are safe to be consumed.

Bluvision’s Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring Solution is a low cost, fast-to-implement solution that provides real-time and recorded insights into the temperature of the shipments or inventory. Bluvision’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons have embedded sensors to measure temperature, ambient light, vibration, magnetic current and other telemetry data. The temperature sensors provide an accuracy of 0.2°C and can operate in the range of -30°C to +77°C. The temperature data can be accessed through an SDK-enabled app or through Bluvision’s cloud solution – Bluzone. The combination of sensors in the beacons track how many times the container/cooler was opened and whether the product is in transit or is stationary. However, the most effective part of this solution is that it provides businesses the ability to create a user-defined alert to receive a notification when the temperature of the item goes above or under the specified range.

“As we’ve seen with recent events, power outages can have a serious impact on pharmaceutical, food processing, and other industries that deal with perishable goods. If there is any doubt regarding product temperature going out of the specified temperature range, a business will have to discard those items or face severe liability and safety issues. Having the insight into real-time and recorded temperature, allows companies to take action when the temperature is nearing the dangerous range,” said John Sailer, COO, Bluvision. “It also provides businesses the knowledge to understand whether the perishable product has violated the temperature conditions or not.”

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Editor BluvisionBluvision emphasizes the importance of monitoring temperature of perishable items during power outages