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Bluvision Selected as Waze Beacons Partner to Power Tunnel Navigation

Fort Lauderdale, September 21, 2016
– Bluvision,, the market leaders in  Bluetooth beacons according to ABI Research Report 2016, were selected as the hardware partner for enabling tunnel navigation capabilities by Waze. Waze, the free, real time, crowdsourced traffic and navigationapp powered by drivers, has developed a viable solution that addresses ‘tunnel blindness’ in the absence of GPS. Bluvision’s industry-leading Bluetooth sensor beacons – BEEKS Plus with extended battery life that can exceed 6-years, along with Waze innovative software – is the perfect solution to the challenges with tunnel navigation and accuracy in ETA. Waze began implementing the Waze Beacons in mid-August and will continue throughout this fall.

Waze Beacons are Bluvision’s cost-effective, battery-operated, Bluetooth low-energy microcontrollers that have Waze-specific configurations powered by Eddystone to transmit messages directly to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth used as an alternative to GPS signal. In other words, Waze Bluvision Beacons enable uninterrupted location service with driver devices, yielding tunnel navigation not possible with GPS.

BEEKS Plus long battery life beacon used for Tunnel Navigation by Waze Waze worked with Bluvision to create custom beacon hardware designed to suit moving vehicles and solve historic, tunnel-specific location challenges. Tweaks included faster frequency of beacon pings to get less error for a fast-moving vehicle and stronger transmission to get enough overlap between beacons coverage.

Bluvision’s beacons can be used to provide location accuracy within one-meter and promises to be far more accurate than standard RSSI. The beacons are IP67 water and environment-resistant, making them both durable and reliable for harsh environment. The BEEKS Plus broadcasts its location information which in turn is being used to send real-time routes and alerts.

“When selecting our Waze Beacons hardware partner, Bluvision was the only manufacturer that had the power rating of 6 years doing 0dBm @ 10Hz we needed to create Waze Beacons,” said Gil Disatnik, Software Engineer at Waze. “Bluvision was a true partner, working through every question and request with enthusiasm to ensure the final product solved all of our needs.”

“Bluvision is as committed to location accuracy as Waze. We are thrilled to have been a part of the first scalable solution in the world that powers navigation in tunnels and looks to create a safer commute for millions of Wazers using the tunnels,” said, James Buchheim, CEO, Bluvision. “Waze was looking for a powerful beacon that could frequently transmit high-powered broadcasts, while incorporating specific custom settings, supporting fast and easy deployments in harsh environments. Bluvision’s BEEKS Plus is the only beacon in the market today that can handle this kind of throughput without requiring battery replacement every couple of years and has fast deployment tools to solve this type of use-case.”

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