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ABI Research’s recent report ranks Bluvision as the leader in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology second year in a row

Fort Lauderdale, April 20, 2016 – Bluvision,(, the company known for their pioneering work in BLE technology, especially in the field of Real-Time Location System [RTLS] has been named  the leader in market share and technology innovation, in the recent ABI Research report – BLE Beacon Vendor: Competitive Assessment.

The report, a competitive analysis of over 24 BLE vendors, takes into consideration various parameters including market share, future potential, advanced hardware/software capabilities and demonstrable thought leadership. Bluvision’s ranking is based on a combination of having shipped a very high-volume of industry leading BLE hardware to their manufacturing, retail and airport customers, having a true end-to-end IoT Platform that isn’t reliant on cell-phones, servers or wired hardware, and the recent development of their disruptive software-based, highly-accurate RTLS solution that helps manufacturers, retailers, and workplace environments drastically improve their business processes and operations.

“Bluvision will continue to drive significant innovation within the IoT space,” said John Sailer, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “Our strategy has never been to focus on some of the trendy use cases that drive very little value, but rather provide demonstrable business value through our scalable solutions to enterprise customers. Our roadmap for the coming year is even more amazing.”

Bluvision was also heralded leaders in ABI Research’s 2015 report on BLE Beacon Technologies and Services. To learn more about Bluvision or their solutions, email


About Bluvision

Bluvision is leading the innovation in the IoT space as market leaders in sensor beacons, pioneers of achieving cloud connectivity without the need for smartphone applications and the first to offer cloud solution that allows remote, worldwide beacon deployment, and RTLS solutions. Bluvision’s simple architecture provides enterprises scalable solutions for tracking the location, health and performance of their assets. For more information, visit


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Editor BluvisionABI Research’s recent report ranks Bluvision as the leader in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Technology second year in a row