Bluvision Beacons For Sale


Industry leading sensor beacons come in various form factors and with the longest battery life in the market today.


About BEEKs

BEEKs line of beacons are perfect for:

  • Asset Tracking – BEEKs Lite, BEEKs Mini and BEEKs Industrial can be used to track assets with one-meter accuracy.
  • Workplace Optimization – A solution that uses Bluvision’s RTLS engine to understand space utilization, optimize workforce and locate people during emergency evacuation. WPO uses BEEKs Badge Cards.
  • Condition Monitoring – BEEKs Condition Monitoring beacon with embedded sensors can predict when a motor is about to fail using A.I. and machine learning.


Bluvision’s BEEKS beacons support multiple beacon protocols simultaneously including – iBeacon, Eddystone and sBeacon protocols. Extends come with a sealed Lithium battery that can provide up to 9 years in battery life. They are IP67 Water and UV Resistant so can also work well in outdoor locations.


Learn more about how to use BEEKS beacons for RTLS here


About Bluvision Beacons

At Bluvision, we write and optimize our own firmware and design and manufacture our hardware. This gives us the competitive edge in hardware to create:

  • Beacons with the longest battery life in the industry (3 to 9-year battery life)
  • Support multiple beacon protocols, including iBeacon, Eddystone and sBeacon simultaneously, so you can support multiple use cases simultaneously
  • Provide sophisticated authentication and encryption capabilities to our customers
  • Provide several form factors, including BLE badges, for different applications including manufacturing, retail and corporate environments
  • IP67 Water-resistant
  • Ability to communicate in the non-connected mode

To learn more about Bluvision products, go here

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