Beacon Technology Personalizes the Airport Experience

Bluvision deployments for airports and airlines illustrate how beacon technology (like iBeacons) will greatly benefit the transportion and travel sectors, beyond the advantages for marketers and retailers in those environments. These solutions help to identify passenger flows, locate congestion and avoid or diffuse crowded areas. The Bluvision software development kit (SDK) with related indoor positioning-enabled applications can trigger real-time offers and coupons, based on a customer’s location and interests.

Seamless and Easy Passenger Experiences

The BEEKS ecosystem makes it easy to allow passengers to receive in-app interactions using beacon technology that enhances the in-airport experience. By placing beacons in relevant zones and linking them to the Bluvision SDK and APIs within airport or airline mobile apps, passengers and airlines/airports gain many advantages. Passenger loyalty, convenience, and even indoor navigation features can be triggered with operational functions for airline crew and airport ground operations.

With BEEKS beacons, airlines can provide passengers with seamless indoor directions, walk times to gates, lounge access and alerts about boarding. Knowing where a passenger is before sending information enables more effective communication.

Electronic Bag Tags

Bluvision is collaborating with both IATA and SITA to help build the future with electronic tags. These are loaded with passenger itineraries that help to improve reliability and lost baggage. Bluvision is developing electronic tags with traditional bar codes that are similar to paper tag versions.

These tags can be programmed by passengers using their bluetooth-enabled smartphones. This enables the passengers to load their itinerary themselves, check bags at home and then drop them off when they arrive at the airport without waiting in line. Airlines and transportation partners can keep track of electronically displayed ID labels and integrate other enhanced services like ReturnMe™ logistics management to alert passengers fast. They can then coordinate the return of misplaced or delayed belongings by connecting™ lost & found services with airline Internet registration databases and other mobile app notification services for organizing the pickup and return of misplaced items.

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